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Media blackout of Ron Paul

There's a national media blackout of presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul.
There's no other explanation when you study his campaign accomplishments. You probably didn't hear it on the news, but he finished second in Maine, Nevada, and Louisiana and won 25 percent of the vote in Montana, 21 percent in Washington and North Dakota, 17 percent in Alaska, and 16 percent in Minnesota, and in a few of these contests he beat McCain.
These are significant numbers and clearly qualify him as a major candidate. He's been declared the winner of numerous straw polls and debates, and broke the previous single day fund-raising record from 2004 held by John Kerry by raising $6-plus million.
In the fourth quarter he raised more money than all other Republican candidates with $20 million, and he's received more campaign contributions from veterans and active military personnel than the others — McCain, Clinton, Obama, Huckabee — combined.
Considering these accomplishments, why haven't we heard more about him from the media? Because the financial interests and corporations who own the major media outfits don't appreciate him exposing their domination of our monetary system, government, and country.
He's the only candidate whose not "politics as usual"; the only candidate telling us about "our" privately owned Federal Reserve and the implications of our fiat currency and its lack of gold/silver backing; the only candidate who does not meet with or take money from lobbyists, PACs, or corporations. He follows the Constitution, which is a rarity amongst our politicians.
During his 10 terms in Congress, he's never voted: to raise taxes; for an unbalanced budget; to raise congressional pay; to increase the power of the executive branch. He voted against the Iraq War and the Patriot Act. He's in the race for the duration, and is on the Vermont primary ballot on March 4.
For the sake of this nation, I urge everyone to learn about Ron Paul and his consistent voting record. Being outspoken about the issues above, and others, combined with the fact that so much legislation passed in Washington benefits corporations and special interests, it's easy to see why Congressman Paul has been censored. The media shapes the elections with their biased, narrow coverage.

ALLISON CASSAVECHIA, in Mathaba News Network


At 1:40 da tarde, Anonymous Anónimo said...

Os motivos do 'media blackout' a Ron Paul estão (todos?) enumerados um a um na notícia transcrita.

E viva o seu regresso à escrita!


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